The "Weather-Seal Pet Door" is a relatively new item originally invented for pet boarding facilities. It is a Pet Door Design that has some great features to it and the most important one is less maintenance! The Plastic is so hard only the toughest dogs can put a small dent’s in it. It comes fully assembled and has fully adjustable door hinge springs with the holes to hold the adjusting tools. You could set the hinge tension light enough to let any size pet in. Yet strong enough if you mount it on a windy side of the building the door will stay closed. These doors seal off the wind drafts with a foam seal keeping in that expensive heat and are fully lockable from both directions.


Now in Three Sizes

Full Size - large breeds - Labradors,Shorthairs,Setters,Wirehairs
Mid-Size - Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Pugs, Westies
Junior - Felines, Chihauhua's, Dachshund's

Send me an e-mail: make sure you give me your mailing address and I will mail you out a brochure. They have a shinny smooth surface that is easily cleaned and easy to sanitize. The perfect door, Built by Pet Owners for Pet Owners!

  • The most reliable Pet door you will ever buy! And quite possibly the last!
  • Built to install in garage walls between the studs - walk-thru doors and dog houses. Glass patio doors will need to be framed to the top of the door.
  • Comes completely assembled! Cut the hole and install.
  • One size fits all pets. From Dachshunds to Greyhounds. Completely adjustable hinges for the smallest pet to push open!
  • Built for hours of pounding! Hard plastic makes it virtually impossible to chew so there is no need for replacements! Now there is a thought!
  • Fully washable, it seals out drafts, self closes so you lose very little heat, the dog lets itself out,  fully lockable and no painting! Every effort went into the design and reliability of this door with the pet in mind and your pocketbook!
  • Completely adjustable hinges and completely assembled.

Now in Three Sizes.

Full size

Weight: 20 lbs.
Price Clear model: $320.00
Price Cloudy model: $295.00
Note: Many Door Kits are available for this size of door(taller 4” x 4”)
Door Kit: $49.00
Outside Dimension: 29.25” High x 18.125” Wide
Inner Door Hole (ID): 22” High x 10.5” Wide
Smallest Working Opening, for inner door to operate: 24.0” High x 13.5” Wide

Mid Size

Weight: 12 lbs.
Box Size: 24x5x18
Price Clear model: $270.00
Price Cloudy model: $245.00
Note: No Steel Door kits for this size, must use Large door kits and cut them down
Door Kit: $49.00
Outside Dimension: 20.25” High x 17.25” Wide
Inner Door Hole (ID): 13.25” High x 10.25” Wide
Smallest Working Opening, for inner door to operate: 13.25” High x 10.0” Wide


Weight: 5 lbs.
Box Size: 18x14x4
Price Clear model: $160.00
Price Cloudy model: $145.00
Note: Steel Door kit is available for this model in the small 4”x 4” boxes
Door Kit: $42.00
Outside Dimensions: 17-5/8” High by 13-5/8” Wide
Inner Door Hole (ID): 9-5/16” High x 8-1/4” Wide
Smallest Working Opening, for inner door to operate: 9-1/2” High x 8-1/4” Wide

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Walk-Thru Door Kits Below

WeatherSeal Pet Door is a steel door kit that gives a finished look for your steel door. Note: Only attempt to install this in a steel or fiberglass door. Mounting any pet door in a ‘wood door’ should only be mounted in a solid walk-thru door, it is not advised to mount in a hollow door or panel wood door.

A clear acrylic inner door to let light in. New for 2010. Here you see it installed in a steel door. Fully lockable and adjustable, and it still seals off the drafts!

Here you can see the inner door has been finished off with the door kit available at Luther Kennel. Notice the drip cap at the top to prevent an influx of rain water off the main door. Notice the clear acrylic inner door also.

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