pet door

The "Weather-Seal Pet Door" has a number of great features to keep your pet active safe and eliminate drafts. Perfect for any dog or cat!

  • Your pet can go out when they need to, no more getting up at night to let the dog out! Or saying dang, I'm too late!
  • Comes fully assembled. Can be installed in your garage wall or in any walk-thru door (with the door kit)!
  • Constructed with some of the hardest plastic for a pet door that lasts. Corners are glued and screwed!
  • Adjustable hinge tension light enough to let any size pet in
  • Strong locks with doors that seal off the wind drafts with a foam seal keeping in that expensive heat
  • Doors are fully lockable
  • Won't hang open when it gets extremely cold!
  • Operates Quietly, won't disturb the neighbors or you!
  • Comes in 3 different sizes

Never worry about leaving your pet out in the cold.

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