About Us

The WeatherSeal Pet Door was originally started when we as owners of Luther Kennel got tired of poor pet doors. We heated and air conditioned the building and we lost valuable money from leaky, drafty doors. Pets wouldn’t use them because they had to learn to lift the door up from the bottom with their head! Being in the kennel boarding business the learning curve for new dogs was not near as fast as we would like it to be as we knew there isn’t a pet in the world that likes to go to the bathroom where it sleeps and being able to go outside was a necessity as it kept the place and them smelling a whole lot better.

Through many trials with many various materials, mistakes were made and corrected and tested in our boarding facility. Then improved and tested again and again, we are where we need to be. Where every door seals off drafts, can be adjusted to open easily for the smallest pets or stay closed for strongest winds. Tough enough that it is just about indestructible. With conveniences like being able to fully lock and sanitize easily and the operation is Quiet! Doesn’t bang when it closes. Guess it is just about everything you could ask for in a pet door. We even made it so it installs right onto the 16 inch studs in your garage OR now we have a door kit that you can install it right in your steel walk-thru door so it finishes it off and makes it look very nice.

Shipped Nationwide, Canada and Overseas. Try one today!

WeatherSeal Pet Door Co has now moved to Alice, North Dakota to a larger building facility. Built where the weather is unforgiving at times.